Growing up in Germany, I was blessed to be exposed to various complementary healing methods including Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Energy Healing, Crystals, Homeopathy, etc. From a very young age and throughout my later teenage years, I became very interested in crystals and used them a lot for my own healing.

Unfortunately, in my twenties, I neglected my healthy path and healing journey. I was taken off my path by life distractions and individuals in my life that influenced my choices and well-being in different ways – both positive and negative. 

Thankfully, fast forward 10 years, I re-discovered my passion for nutrition, alternative healing, natural medicine, essential oils and a healthy lifestyle. Currently, I am in the process of becoming a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. 

But as important as nutrition, lifestyle and alternative medicine are, I didn’t quite get the results I was striving for, for myself and others.

I found the missing piece of the puzzle when I was led onto my own spiritual journey by being guided to the Emotion Code® and CoreTalk. 

Both are energy-based healing methods that work on a subconscious level, with the goal to release negative trapped emotions in our body. This enables a proper energy flow and brings the body back into homeostasis. It aims to get rid of our old emotional baggage, that can literally control our lives. We can also absorb trapped emotions from others and inherit them from our parents and previous generations.  

I feel very grateful to be able to help my clients with various physical conditions, pain, emotional and mental conditions. Also with limiting beliefs, any kind of blocks, fear, trauma, addiction, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), etc.

Healing or managing depression is very near to my heart, as I have lost family members to suicide due to depression. I do not want any more people and families to have to endure these traumatic experiences.

I am a proud Mama of a busy 4-year-old boy. He is very sensitive and it is unbelievable to witness, how many emotions such a young child can already experience and trap inside. Once he has too many built-up emotions, immediately it is noticeable in his behavior, in his mood, and sleep. This is how I know when he requires a clearing and the change often happens immediately.

I would love to be a part of your own healing journey!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and light,

Alexandra Juan (Jordan)

Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner