“After an injury to my ankle and calf due to an accident at work, I was in severe pain for 3 days and could hardly walk. Alexandra did one session on me and the pain went away and never came back!”


“Thank you Alex for taking my pain away! I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my ankle, but wasn’t given any promising treatment by my doctor. They only recommended painkillers and physio therapy, which made me feel quite hopeless. I felt an instant relief after each session with you, until the pain eventually went away. This saved me from taking medication and spending countless hours at physio therapy! Now I can move and even dance again without any restrictions or pain!”


“Thank you Alexandra for the Emotion Code session! I learned so much and found the session and the information provided extremely valuable. I would recommend a session to anyone who needs to get in tune with their past hurts & traumas.”


“My experience with Alexandra was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and clearly explained what my session was about. 

I was shocked and amazed at how impactful my session was.

I felt release of stuck emotions as the session was happening and it continued for 24 hours afterwards.

She helped me to move through deep fears that held me back and kept me stuck.

I would recommend working with Alexandra at any time!”

Isabelle & Daughter Lena

“Dear Alex,

Thank you for doing the energy work on my daughter Lena and myself. I was a bit skeptical at first, whether it really works, but I was proven wrong.

My daughter suffered from intense tummy aches and gas pain and after your energy work, she immediately felt a lot better. Her gas pains are almost gone now.

And I was very weak and tired from the birth (c-section). You helped me so much. Now I feel much more energetic and active.

I am more than convinced of your work and I recommend it for anyone! Try it, you will not regret it!”


Thank you so much Alexandra for working with me on short notice. Our session helped me remain calm and accepting to the progression of labor and how the overall day turned out.

I felt really supported that day and although you weren’t there your energetic support played a part as well. Thank you for working with me.

Tara Detwiler

The EC sessions I received left me feeling lighter, calmer and more ease within myself. Alexandra is an attuned practitioner. It is a relief to not have to engage in the narrative and be able to move emotional blocks this way!


“She was abandoned in the streets of Rumania as a puppy, where she spent almost the first year of her life. Her new loving and caring owner said that Bila was very fearful and aggressive, when people or other dogs approached her. She had lots of fear trapped in her body, amongst other emotions. After just one Emotion Code session she has been a lot more confident, more trusting and she made friends with other dogs. When she is afraid of something now, she comes to her owner instead of becoming aggressive.”


“Columbia used to be a jumper horse. She had to endure lots of mistreatment in her life.She was terrified of the saddle strap getting put on and used to kick as the strap was getting tightened, even when done slowly and gently and with great patience by her new loving and caring owner. She also didn’t like to be touched or combed. During her first session she came and rubbed her head against her owner, wanting to be pet. That’s something she never did before. Since releasing quite a few emotions in a total of 3 sessions, she doesn’t mind the saddle strap anymore. She also competes now with the other horse for her owner’s attention and physical touch. Overall, she is more relaxed and happier. Her owner gets the feeling that Columbia is grateful that someone took care of her emotional needs.”