Energy Healing

As we heal ourselves, it will have a positive ripple effect on our families, our business/job, our community and everyone else in our life and especially for generations to come.

As Emotion Code practitioners, we seek to help and facilitate healing in infants, kids, adults, animals including those with special needs and mental health challenges.

I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves from within, once we create balance in our physical and energetic body. When we activate our own body’s innate self-healing abilities by removing all these stagnant negative energies, permanent and deep healing can happen.  Your body knows exactly what it needs to achieve balance, restore itself, become healthier and happier and live the life you are meant to live. Once we start asking the right questions, you will be surprised about how much your body likes to talk and get the help.

Psychische Gesundheit

Anxiety, depression, PSTD … the list goes on.  With one in three Canadians reporting mental health struggles, we as EC practitioners seek to be part of a persons journey to assist in decreasing symptoms related to mental health struggles, often opening up greater successes with therapy, medication and other healing modalities.

In an April 2021 study, ‘Emotion Code …holistic healing method demonstrates “significant efficacy” in relieving symptoms of self-reported anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder’.


We often talk about inherited physical traits such as eye and hair colour and facial expressions but what about inherited emotional baggage? Did you know that emotions like guilt, overwhelm and resentment, or really any other emotion, can be passed down through generations and affect our physical and mental health? As adults, we also experience trauma in many ways from losing a pet, friend, or family member, to PSTD and verbal abuse. Emotion Code seeks to identify and release those emotions and facilitate physical and emotional balance and recovery.

Are you aware of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back in any area of your life? It is important to know that as we grow up, we take on the beliefs and limitations of everyone else (parents, older siblings, teachers, society, etc.), apply them to ourselves, and have them programmed deep within us. How would a belief of “I’m not good enough”; affect a child, a teenager, and eventually an adult? They would probably never really try to reach their full potential in life. I can help you to get rid of old beliefs that are not serving you any longer, and re-program your mind with a new and beneficial belief.


Teens and young adults are under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress these days – school, friends, family, and social media at the same time that they are attempting to discover who they are and what they want. 

The Emotion Code can help address trauma and pain for teens going through transition or challenging times. We work to safely decrease their stress, anxiety, and pressure, with the goal of leaving them lighter, happier and open figure out their place in life.

Babies & Kinder

As a parent, we hate to see our children suffer but they too, like adults, have often inherited emotional baggage from grandparents, parents, and quite possibly further generations. What we also know is that they can easily absorb the energy of emotions and thoughts around them, especially during gestation. That is A LOT to handle. 

I recognize, as a parent, that these thoughts are upsetting. The result of this baggage can be unpredictable behavior at home and at school. Some possible signs of trapped emotions in your children may be bedwetting, nail-biting, night-terrors, anger outbursts, very fearful personality, learning difficulties, separation anxiety, even allergies, and many more.

The Emotion Code can help release trapped emotions, so children can feel better, happier, and more confident. I look forward to identifying and releasing unprocessed negative emotional events for your children.


As a pet owner or animal lover, you are most definitely aware that animals have feelings and their behavior can reflect that. Just ask anyone who’s dog greets them when they come home!

Since pets are so loving and caring towards their owners, they want to take our burdens off us, so it’s very common for them to absorb our emotions.

At the same time, when emotionally upsetting events occur, emotional baggage is created. We work with animals of all types to release trauma and upset and have had profound results. Click here to read more

Besondere Bedürfnisse

Having a child or adult with special needs, I understand can be extra challenging. With Emotion Code, just as we work with typical children and families, we seek to release trapped emotions so as to relieve some mental stress and so that the individual can feel better, more settled, happier and even more calm.

We have found that trapped emotions can often be the root cause or a contributing factor to some challenges and energy healing (Emotion Code) has been helpful in easing symptoms. There have been great successes with The Emotion Code and children with special needs. Dr. Bradley’s son, at age four, was not speaking. After releasing emotions of panic (from a traumatic birth) and inherited anger (from his grandfather), Drew’s world opened up, talking, communicating, laughing and being able to express himself. (see Auszug aus dem Buch Der EmotionsCode